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Factory Spares for Your Gen5 - Also Compatible With Earlier "Gens" These are genuine Glock® factory replacement magazines for Gen5 Glock® 17 / 19X / 34 pistols. A hardened steel insert encased in slick, wear-resistant polymer gives each Gen5 magazine impressive strength and durability. The difference is the polymer for these mags is molded in Glock’s desert-ready Coyote color. You can choose between a reduced capacity 10-round magazine, standard (for full-size 9mm Glocks) 17-round capacity, or extended 19-round capacity. Competition shooters, law enforcement folks, and tactical operators will love the "Plus 2" option! Inside, the contrasting black follower makes keeping track of load status through the plentiful witness holes easier, while the extended, angled baseplate helps with those fast magazine changes. Correct, factory-original spare mag for your 9mm Gen5 pistol Available with standard 17-rd or 19-rd capacity, or 10-rd reduced capacity "Desert" color matches the 19X pistol frame & slide Black self-lubricating polymer follower Witness holes on rear face These Glock® 17 / 19x / 34 magazines are contoured at the base to match the flared magwell of Gen5 pistols, yet are still fully compatible with earlier-generation pistols.
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