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We have a JPS (just pay shipping) deal for new subscribers. This JPS deal is offered (while supplies last) through our friends at The National Gun Owner Association.

Situations around the globe are becoming increasingly dangerous. We ALL need to be prepared and proficient. You never know when danger will make its way to your doorstep.

It is our goal to make you the absolute best shooter possible. Along with keeping our 2nd Amendment alive and well!

To make this happen we need everyone to stay sharp and up to date with their firearm training. Here's how we do it...

Our friends at The National Gun Owner Association are offering an amazing deal to our subscribers.

While supplies last, you can grab these "Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets" for free. Just cover the shipping and handling.

Silhouette Targets Offer

I used to buy my targets at the ranges here in Arizona. They are $1 or $2 a piece, and they are, well...not worth it. They are just paper. I know many of you have trained on standard paper targets forever. But, I strongly suggest you try these. You will love them!

These targets are by far the best out there, and you can't beat getting a complimentary pack of them!

Here's how...

The National Gun Owner Association has found one target to maximize your shooting performance.

The link below tells the story better than I could in words.

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If you have not seen these targets yet click the link above. You will see quickly why training with standard paper targets just isn't the same.

Don't become another statistic; you only have 1 life in this cruel world so take every advantage you can. Train, Practice, then train some more!

Grab these while you can by clicking the link above. I am not sure how long they will offer these to our loyal subscribers....but they are available as of today.

Thanks for your support!

Steve Ward

P.S. If the page says SOLD OUT in big red letters they have run completely out and I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.