Simtek Giveaway

Congrats to Charles R. of Charrollton, MS, USA. You Are The Winner!

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One Lucky Winner Will Receive:

- Simtek Duo Wireless Security Sensor

- 1 Year of Free Data Plan

A combined retail value of $248!

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Your newest peace of mind. Fits in your hand gun safe, luggage or anywhere you need extra monitoring and awareness.

Alerts are sent over a secure and encrypted connection. It's not easily defeated - since we use cellular and not wifi, there's no router you can unplug and no power you can cut! Simtek is unaffected as it has it's own cellular connection and battery power.

Trusted family and friends can get the same alerts you do, right from our app. Add more layers of protection by adding them to receive alerts. This can help everyone feel more safe if they know when the high value items are being accessed too. Free, and unlimited people.

Secure any space without worrying about connectivity or power. 1 year battery life with normal usage (10 alerts / month), and it's own built in cellular GSM modem with pre-installed global simcard means you never have to think about how it will work. Simtek Duo doesn't rely on a power outlet/wifi or hubs. It's totally self-contained - and works in 200 countries.

We’ve engineered the Duo Wireless Security Sensor to operate in low signal environments, just like inside safes, basements or out in the field. Every Duo comes with an external wired antenna in case you need more signal. And since we have a switching simcard, it connects to the best network wherever you are in the world.