WMD Guns Nickel Boron X Bolt Carrier Group - NIBXBCG

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WMD NiB-X Coating Bolt Carrier Group NiB-X Coating Nickel Boron Coating. Harder than Tennifer, Melonite, Nickel Teflon and Hard Chrome (NiB-X is Rc72). Environmental corrosion protection. Very lubricious (CoF .07). Easier to clean - wipes clean in most cases. Less maintenance - longer usage between cleaning cycles and enhanced performance. Lifetime warranty from chipping, flaking or wear. Drops into AR15/M16 Rifles without any Gunsmithing! Full Auto Carrier will function in any semi automatic rifle These BCG's are fully assembled and ready to drop in any AR15 or M16 rifle or pistol.  These are the heavier M16 carrier and will work with any AR15 platform rifle designed to use a standard BCG. Calibers this BCG will work with include 5.56, 223, 204,and 300BLK. *BCG's are received and shipped in bulk packing*ALL BCG's that we have received recently in are the traditional "round" carrier rather than the faceted.
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