12 Gauge Remington Slugger Rifled Slugs, 2 3/4" - 250 Rounds SP12RSB / 20279 

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Remington Slugger Rifled Slugs 12 Gauge 2 3/4" SP12RSB / 20279 - 250 Rounds Remington Slugger rifled slugs have set the standard for law enforcement for decades. Recent design improvements including an oversized slug diameter for better gas sealing, and the addition of a high density polymer disk under the slug which produces a perfectly aligned exit from the muzzle for dramatically enhanced accuracy. These slugs feature a blue colored hull to quickly differentiate them as a slug as opposed to the green hull color of the Remington buckshot rounds. Remington Sluggeris the best choice for the most reliable and hardest hitting ammunition for when it matters the most. Mfg Part #: SP12RSB / 20279 Gauge: 12 Gauge Type: Slug (Lead) Length: 2 3/4" Ounces: 1 oz Muzzle Velocity: 1560 fps. Rounds/box: 5 Rounds Per Box
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