640 round can - 7.62x51 NATO Spec 147 Grain FMJ GP11 Ball Ammo - New Production Ammunition made by GGG in Lithuania

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640 round can - 7.62x51 NATO Spec 147 Grain FMJ GP11 Ball Ammo - New production Ammunition made by GGG in Lithuania This is finest quality 7.62x51 (308 win) Ammunition manufactured to perfection in military packaging. Non-magnetic projectiles, non-corrosive reloadable primers. Sealed case mouth and primer pocket for long term reliability and resistance to moisture, manufactured in 2012 or 2013 Specs and data per importer below... GP11 is new production; not old surplus, product overrun or ‘NATO like’ imitations. GP11 is 100% authentic military ammunition exceeding all STANAG and MOPI requirements. GGG manufacture and qualify GGG GP11 ammunition to the same rigorous standards whether the end user is the US commercial market or a front line military combat unit. GGG spares no expenses in the manufacturing process using only the highest grade of brass with deep annealing that is excellent for reloading. The military grade boxer primers are non-corrosive, non-mercuric and exceed all sensitivity requirements for combat use. A high quality double base smokeless propellant is used. The full metal jackets are made from tombac. The case mouth and case primer joint have a waterproof sealing. The M2A1 cases are sealed with a full rubber gasket. There is also a wire and pressed stamp lock around the hinge which must be cut to open. As a result of both the quality manufacturing and the packaging, when stored in this fashion, GGG NATO ammunition has a minimum shelf life of no less than 20 years. GGG NATO qualified ammunition far exceeds the benchmark and typical performance of other NATO ammunition. The real world implications of such exceptionally high performance for those who choose GGG ammunition is smaller, tighter, more precise and more accurate groups that are typically more than twice as good as baseline NATO ball ammunition specifications. For those shooters who expect the best, GGG is the ammunition of choice.
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