Armalite 50A1Blb AR50 50BMG Rifle LH

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Armalite 50A1BL AR 50BMG Bolt 50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) 31" 1 Alum Stk Black Armalite 50 BMG Left Hand Single Shot Bolt Action Sniper Rifle This rifle is the incarnation of the wildly popular AR-50 chambered for the powerful 50 BMG Cartridge. A single shot bolt action rifle featuring a unique octagonal receiver bedded down into a V shaped stock. Designed to be an economical answer for the challenge of long range shooting, the AR-50A1 is amazingly accurate and with its massive fluted muzzle brake, it has a very gentle recoil. The AR-50A1 is a highly refined rifle which is a stark and refreshing difference that maintains its superiority over its competition. Additional Information Manufacturer Armalite SKU GAG_50A1BLB-12886 Condition New in Box Caliber .50 BMG UPC 651984096062 Manufacturer Part Number 50A1BLB
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