ATI 522 SD 22LR

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GSG-522 series SD style carbine American Tactical Imports GSG-522SD makes an ideal training tool for law enforcement, military personnel or civilians. Ergonomics and handling are similar to that of an MP5 style rifle; while the 22 long rifle caliber offers an immense savings over 9mm/40/45 caliber ammunition allowing extensive range time with the GSG-552SD at a minimal cost to the user. The 522SD has an overall length of 33.5”, weighs in at 6.6 pounds and has a barrel length of 16.25 inches including the faux suppressor. Unlike other MP5 style rifles the GSG 522SD is legal to own by anyone and is offered with either a 10 or 22 round detachable magazine. The GSG-522SD comes standard with a conventional MP5 style stock and forend but American Tactical Imports also offers a multitude of upgrades and tactical accessories to make this rifle unique to your personal style. Why buy and expensive copy when you can own the real thing? Whether you are looking for a low cost tactical trainer or a fun plinker the GSG-522 rifle is the obvious choice.
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