Century Arms Zastava N-PAP AK-47 Semi Auto Rifle 7.62x39mm 16" Barrel Stamped Receiver 30 Round Magazine Black Polymer Tapco T6 Collapsible Stock RI2086-N

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Manufacturer: Century International Arms RI2086N Item: 8-CENT-RI2086N UPC: 787450220775 The Century Arms Zastava N-PAP is made in the same factory that produced top quality rifles in Yugoslavia. The N-PAP is based on the M70B1 and M70AB2 versions derived from the M70 rifle. The N-PAP displays the modern military finish of this fine rifle with the Black Polymer Tapco T6 Collapsible stock and hand guard. This rifle features a one year manufacturers warranty. Specifications and Features: Yugoslavian Made M70B1/M70AB2 N-PAP 7.62x39mm Caliber Rifle Stamped Receiver 16.25" Barrel M21 Scope Accessory Rail Bayonet Lug Slant Muzzle Brake Black Polymer Furniture Tapco T6 Collapsible Stock 30 Round Magazine Designed to accommodate 30 round double stack magazines Overall Length 36" Weight Without magazine 7.8lbs 1:10" Twist Rate One Year Manufacturers Warranty 922r compliant Note: The difference between O-PAP and N-PAP is that the O-PAP has the bulged trunnion on the receiver the N-PAP does not.
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