GAU-16 50 Cal. Semi Auto Rifle

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GAU-16: Built mainly on NOS (New Old Stock) Korean war vintage parts kit's.These gun's keep 90% of there original Military configuration only using a new JNC Semi-Auto side plate,Semi -auto trigger and semi auto sear.(Air Force and Navy version door gun.) Upgraded belt lift capacity, And feeding reliability. New Stellite Barrel, Knights Armament Muzzle break. *They come with a new 36" long Stellite lined barrel,And a Knights Armament Corp(KAC) muzzle break. *All guns have a new breach lock to insure proper function and Shooter safety. *Include with your gun is a New Head-space Gauge,Military FM 23-65,And a lifetime warranty **Gun,Barrel,And barrel shroud will ship in separate boxes**
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