Geco .32 Auto 73 Gr FMJ Ammo 1000 Round Case

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Geco .32 ACP 73 Grain Full Metal Jacket Ammunition 1000 Round Case High quality Geco .32 ACP ammo is known in Europe under the metric designation 7,65 Browning. The Geco .32 Auto ammo is found to be noticeably more powerful than domestic Winchester "White Box" ammo typcally found on store shelves. Designed by John Browning and introduced in 1899 by Fabrique Nationale. This Geco .32 Auto ammo is non-magnetic and contructed with a lead core and a copper jacket for smooth feeding and precision accuracy. The .32 ACP is compact and light, but short ranged. Weapons chambered in it are often valued for their compactness and light weight relative to larger caliber pistols, particularly for concealed carry use. It offers more velocity and energy than the .32 S&W, which was a popular round for pocket defensive revolvers at the time of the .32 ACP's development. Although of lighter bullet weight, the .32 ACP also compares favorably to the.32 S&W Long in performance. All Geco ammunition is non-corrosive, boxer primed, in reloadable brass cases. Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket / Lead Core Copper Jacket Bullet Weight: 73 Grain Projectile Muzzle Energy: TBA Muzzle Velocity: TBA
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