Lake City 5.56 NATO 62 Grain XM855 FMJ on 10 Round Clips in Ammo Can of 420rds XM855LC1 AC1

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Manufacturer #: XM855LC1 AC1 This Ammunition has been loaded and passed true NATO specifications. This is first run ammo that met the US Military’s strict quality assurance standards and specifications. It is packaged in a new Sealed Mil-Spec reusable ammo can with Lake City seal. Ammunition is loaded on 10-round stripper clips.  This ammunition is loaded with green painted penetrator tip, steel core bullets and is non-corrosive, boxer-primed with fully reloadable brass cases.  Can is sealed from the factory and does not come with a steel stripper clip guide.This ammunition has passed Military Specification Testing and is NOT Quality Control Rejected Ammunition. This ammunition does not carry the lable "NOT FOR DUTY USE".
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