Laser Genetics ND-3AR Subzero Long Distance Green Laser Designator Sight w/ Free S&H

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Laser Genetics ND-3AR Subzero Long Distance Green Laser Designator Sight Product Info: More powerful than any flashlight, more versatile than any laser sight, the Laser Genetics ND-3AR All Weather SubZero Laser Designator LG-ND3AR-SZ gives you a target acquisition tool that can light up almost any prey in any conditions, at distances that will astonish you. Transform your tactical or hunting rifle. into a versatile tool for hunting and shooting after dark. This Laser Designator Sight by the product specialists at Laser Genetics is constructed with unique circuitry that enables the DPSS 532nm green laser to operate at temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit without any loss of power. The patented Rotary Optical Collimator on the Laser Genetics Subzero ND3AR Long Distance Laser Designator Weapon Sight uses a system of 9 fully multi-coated lenses that allow full adjustment and control of the beam diameter and intensity to focus light where it will be needed most. This Laser Genetics Laser Rifle Sight is precision machined from a high-tech aluminum material that is guaranteed to be incredibly durable and long lasting. The Laser Genetics ND-3AR Sub-Zero Compact Long Distance Laser Designator is built with a 532nm laser light frequency that provides an extremely easy light for human eyes to perceive and adjust to. The Laser Genetics ND SubZero Laser Designator features low energy use and high illumination yield, enabling you to focus full illumination where you need it, with the least loss of light due to "flooding". This powerful green laser flashlight puts you in full control of directed laser light for maximum illumination of the intended object. The high power laser beam may be collimated down and concentrated to cast an intense, highly visible beam of light that can be seen miles away, useful for signaling or search and rescue operations. Or adjust the beam to 10ft to light a path for full night vision. Green light is the most visible to the human eye and requires the least amount of eye adjustment at night. High power green laser light reflects intensely off the eyes of animals allowing quick detection up to 250 yards. Laser Genetics specializes in green laser sights, lights and scopes specific for outdoors, hunting, marine, emergency, and home defense use. Laser Genetics utilizes exclusive patented optical laser technology to develop the lighting instruments of the future for civilian and professional use. Founded in 2006, Laser Genetics is one of the nation's fastest growing manufacturers of personal-use laser lighting products. We bring you the full selection of Laser Genetics Laser Sights, backed by the best customer service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. LG-ND3AR-SZ: Laser Genetics ND-3AR Laser Designator - Green Laser, Subzero, AR/M4 Mount Specifications for Laser Genetics ND-3AR Laser Designator Compact Laser Flashlight: Length: 3.5in Height: 2.625in Construction: Precision Machined High Tech Aluminum Alloy Finish: Anodized Matte Black Wavelength (Color): 532nm (green) Range: 3 miles Power Supply: One lithium CR123A battery (included) Battery Life: Up to 7 hours, Up to 4 hours at 0°F Output Power: 15 mW Lens Diameter: 26mm Weight: 5.37 oz. FDA Safety Class: Class 2M Water Resistant: Yes Features of Laser Genetics ND3 Laser Designator Flashlight/Night Illuminator: Fully O-ring sealed for dust and water protection Fully multi-coated optical lens system Nitrogen charged for anti-fog 1in tube adapts to any mounting system Rotary optical beam collimator allows for quick adjustment of diameter and intensity Easiest light for human eyes to process Amplified coherent light is most efficient for long distance 18mW 532nm CW - Certified to IEC 60825-1 Ed 2, 2007-03 Complies with FDA performance standards for laser products Package Contents: Laser Genetics ND-3 All Weather SubZero Night Vision Laser Designator / Green Flashlight LG-ND3AR-SZ AR/M4 Mounting System Momentary Pressure Switch Carrying Case One Lithium CR123A Battery
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