M3-HB 50 Cal. Semi Auto Rifle

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M3-HB Built mainly on (New Old Stock) Korean war vintage parts kit's.These gun's keep 90% of there original Military configuration only using a new JNC Semi-auto side plate,Semi -auto trigger and semi auto sear. (FN conversion of Aircraft guns from the Saber jet's in the 1950's to ground gun use for Allied troops in the Korean war.) Converted to have front and rear sight's,Flexible back plate,And Retracting slide group. *They come with a 45 " Grade A barrel that will guarantee many years of shooting. *Included with your gun is a New Head-space Gauge,Military FM 23-65,And a lifetime warranty *All guns have a new breach lock to insure proper function and Shooter safety. **Gun and barrel will ship in separate boxes**
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