M92 PV Pistol Krinkov & SB-47 Arm Brace

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Zastava PAP M92 PV Pistol w/ Krinkov Style Muzzle Brake & SB-47 Stabilizing Arm Brace We went ahead and added the SNAP to this PAP! This M92 PV Pistol comes equipped with the sleek Krinkov style muzzle extension and the SB-47 Stabilizing Brace. The SB-47 brace is an awesome invention that secures AK style pistols to the forearm of the shooter and assists in firing the pistol the way it is intended with one hand! This AK style pistol is a brand new firearm made by the famous Zastava factory in Serbia. Comes stock with a dimpled receiver, hinged top cover, chrome bolt, krink-style rear sight, dual aperture front sight, and a bolt hold-open notch on the selector.- Comes with two 30 rd. mags and type may vary . Action: Semi-Auto Caliber: 7.62x39mm Capacity: 30 rds. Barrel: 10" Overall: 21.75" Weight: 6.9 lbs.
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