M+M Inc. M10-762K Collapsible Stock AK-Type Rifle

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Imported by M+M Inc. directly from Romania, our M10 AK-type rifles are entirely manufactured of all NEW parts. You'll find not many of our competitors can make the same claims and at such a great price! We guarantee our rifles exceed ATF's minimum 922R, six U.S. made parts compliancy requirements with the following, brand NEW, U.S. made parts installed: Tapco RAZR muzzle brake; Polymer Phoenix Technology Kick Lite Recoil Reducing Adjustable Buttstock; ergonomic Hogue Industries pistol grip; Tapco single hook G2 trigger group (3 parts); 30 round, double stack Tapco black polymer magazine; and Tapco AK retaining plate for ease of install and take down. ( ATTENTION CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: WE WILL SHIP THE M10 7.62 to CALIFORNIA WITH THE PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF A BULLET BUTTON(27.00). THE BULLET BUTTONS ARE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE UNDER RELATED ITEMS AND ACCESSORIES, JUST ADD TO YOUR CART(27.00) AND WE WILL INSTALL FOR FREE. WE CAN SHIP THE MAGAZINE TO YOUR FFL IF THEY HAVE A HIGH CAP MAG PERMIT(Please NOTIFY US IF THEY DO), OR WE WILL SHIP IT TO ANY STATE IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. WHERE IT IS LEGAL TO POSSESS FOR AN 11.00 DOLLAR FLAT RATE SHIPPING FEE) The barrels of our rifles are cold hammer forged and chrome-lined for long lasting durability and increased accuracy and have a 1:10 twist rate with four lands and grooves; windage adjustable RPK-style rear sights graduated to 1000 meters in 100 meter increments, adjustable iron front sight, fully CNC machined steel scope mounting rails, heat-treated, stamped receiver to military specifications, light-weight aluminum quad rails with removable rubber quad rail covers and a removable trigger plate.
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