MTM Shoulder-Gard Rifle Rest

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The Shoulder-Gard Rifle Rest (SGR-30) is MTM's first recoil reduction rest. With the growing popularity of magnum caliber rifles, heavy recoil can be a real pain. To address this issue, MTM has made a 4-point, flexible base, shooting rest designed to ease the shoulder punishment of sighting-in powerful magnum rifles. By utilizing the integrated recoil-reduction sling, shooters are able to relax and shoot more comfortably, knowing that less recoil from the gun is going to be felt. The recoil reduction sling does not have to be used with lighter caliber rifles. Offers excellent recoil-reduction and central storage compartment that accommodates up to 50 pounds of stabilizing weight Integrated recoil-reduction sling, Locking, Precision Dialed Forearm Support Non-marring, rubber shooting pads and gripping rubber feet Comes with 3-Inch vertical adjustment an red color
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