NOVESKE KX3 Flash Suppressors

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The Noveske KX3 Flash Hider is designed to increase reliability in short barreled rifles & pistols by increasing back pressure. Also, the KX3 directs the muzzle blast forward of the shooter which alleviates most of the discomfort when firing the AR-15 with an abbreviated barrel. The KX3 is made of chrome moly steel that is heat-treated for further durability. The entire assembly is then phosphated for corrosion resistance and individually serialized for quality control. Although originally designed for short barreled AR-15's the Noveske KX3 will work on any barrel length. Noveske Flash Hider KX3 Pig 1/2"-28 Thread For 5.56mm AR15 Type Firearms Noveske Flash Hider KX3 Pig 5/8"-24 Thread For 7.62mm AR10, LR-308 Firearms 7 ounces 1.35" Diameter 3.28" OAL Parkerized MADE IN USA
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