StealthGear ONYX IWB Holster featuring VentCore FOR GLOCK

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The ONYX IWB is designed for continuous duty concealed carry. These holsters are custom-built by hand using over 30 individual components. The heart of the StealthGear ONYX is its revolutionary VentCore TM breathable platform. This innovative ventilation system allows moisture to rapidly dissipate away from your body, leaving you dry and comfortable, all day long. No other holster will keep you drier! StealthGear ventilated holster platforms are built with a unique combination of synthetic non moisture-absorbing materials and stainless steel hardware. You will not find a tougher, lighter or more comfortable IWB holster on the market today. FEATURES: (Also see "Why StealthGear is different" tab) Ideal for concealed carry VentCore TM ventilated platform keeps YOU dry Integrated condensation (or moisture) shield keeps your WEAPON dry Built with non moisture-absorbing synthetics Stainless steel fasteners Designed for rapid combat presentation Adjustable for cant and depth Tuckable Tough .093 mil KYDEX shell with adjustable retention screws Full coverage of muzzle for extreme protection Lighter weight than leather or hybrid holsters Strategically-placed padding for maximum comfort 3/32" hex key and extra screws included Lifetime warranty Hand-Built in the USA Available colors: Stealth black, Urban Digital, Desert Digital, and Forest Digital Note: For Glock guns, some of the models have the exact same size frame and will fit perfectly into the same holster. A model chart to show which frames are the same size is as follows: Some of the frames for the 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG are all the same. Full Size: 17=22=31 Compact: 19=23=32 Sub-compact: 26=27=33 Competition: 34=35 (no .357 SIG offered in this size) The same is true of the 10mm and .45 ACP (except the 36, which is the only single-stack Glock). Full size: 20=21 Sub-compact: 29=30
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