VR9 SF MP5 Style 9mm Rifle

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VR9 SF Semi-Auto 9mm Rifle , This is a MP5 / HK94 Style rifle designed to provide the look & feel of a MP5 rifle at a fraction of the cost .These unique rifles operate on a simple & reliable blow pack principle and are not roller lock . They are built using a high quality LSC MP5 flat . All Parts have a manganese phosphate finished IAW of Mil-STD-171, the U. S. governments recommended protective finish for steel and then has a Teflon coating over that for maximum protection. This finish not only looks great but affords complete corrosion protection. This rifle has a 16.54” barrel with an over all length of 34.59” and weighs 6.43 pounds with out the mag. Side folder stock is solid with no looseness or wobble .This rifle has been tested fired at the factory with 60 rounds of ammo to insure proper function prior to shipment . Rifle comes with 1-30 round mag and padded rifle hard case . Backed up by a 1 year factory warranty .
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