WC872 50BMG 8lbs of 872 Spherical Smokeless Powder $46.00

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WC872 50BMG 8lbs of 872 Spherical Smokeless Powder $46.00WC872  For 50BMG. This is brand new, never loaded powder. It is not pulled or reclaimed powder. Use loading data for AA8700, work loads up accordingly. LOOK ON THE INTERNET AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THIS POWDER CAN BE USED FOR MANY DIFFERENT CALIBERS. MAINLY FOR HEAVY BULLET LAUNCHING! THE POWDER CURRENTLY IN STOCK IS ALL FROM THE SAME LOT, SO YOU CAN REORDER UNTIL WE ARE OUT AND HAVE THE SAME LOT #. There is almost no difference between WC867 and WC872 powder and the same loading data is used for both. The slight differences will depend on the bullet used, the caliber, the neck tension, whether you are shooting a bolt action or semi auto. The individual guns MAY or may not shoot each powder differently. This is a contract powder in which you will just have to find the best load that will work for your particular gun within the working range of the powder for each caliber. NOTICE: SUPER SPECIAL SAVINGS FOR WIDENER'S CUSTOMERS. Buy in Increments of 6 and we will pay the Hazardous Material Fee for you. That is 6, 12 or 18 Kegs ETC., if you buy less than 6 , you will pay the Hazardous Materials Fee's. We will only pay it on FULL PACKAGES of 6. YOU MAY MIX 867 & 872 Powders to take advantage of the savings ! No other powders Quailify for this Special, please place a seperate order for other products. Haz-Mat Fee's will be removed from the order at time of processing, FOR QUALIFYING ORDERS.Manufacturer: OtherStock Number: WC872Inventory Status: IN STOCK
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