12 ga - 2-3/4" - 00 Buck - Critical Defense - Hornady - 100 Rounds

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Details Hornayd's Critical Defense line of ammo has set the standard for high performance self-defense ammunition and it is now available in 12 Gauge 00 buckshot! Hornady's 00 buck shot shells are an excellent choice for your premium self-defense needs. These shells function well in either pump shotguns such as your Mossberg 500 or any manner of semi-auto shotgun. These shells feature Hornady's Versatite™ wad technology which provides tight patterns that deliver devastating results. Since Hornady's start in 1949, they have set the bar for exceptional quality and performance. With a philosophy of "Ten bullets through one hole" Hornady is an innovator in ammunition technology and is trusted by avid shooters everywhere.
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