12 Gauge - 2-3/4" 1-1/4oz. #5 Shot - Federal Bismuth - 25 Rounds

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When you go hunting wherever toxic shot is banned, one of the best available alternatives is bismuth. Bismuth has a density of 9.6 g/cc, so it retains momentum and downrange lethality nearly as well as lead (11.35 g/cc). Compare that to steel shot, which has a density of only 8 g/cc! (Bismuth is not quite as dense as tungsten, but brother, is it ever less expensive.) Bismuth is also considerably softer than steel, so it won’t be too harsh on older, more delicate shotguns. And bismuth is not only nontoxic – it is completely nonmagnetic to boot! This 12 Gauge shotshell’s #5 bismuth shot is perfect for hunting upland game and waterfowl. Its shot pellets are every bit as round and aerodynamic as Federal’s usual lead or steel pellets. They deliver a dense pattern, especially when they are paired with the FliteControl Flex wad which erects fins for added stability and features side vents that promote cleaner separation upon exiting the muzzle. Federal’s Bismuth label ammo has all the old Minnesotan manufacturer’s usual quality components including a high strength plastic hull, brass head, and premium, non-corrosive primer.
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