12 Gauge - 2-3/4" 1/2oz. Polymer Buckshot - Sellier & Bellot Breaching - 10 Rounds

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This 12 Gauge ammunition by Sellier & Bellot is designed for a very specific application: breaching doors. As such it is excellent for law enforcement applications, but you may want a box or two just to see how it works. It’s also poised to come in handy during the worst kinds of crises imaginable – not to mention if you ever misplace your house keys! This shotshell is loaded with half an ounce of polymer buckshot. These softer pellets pose a reduced risk of ricocheting back at the shooter while they are firing at a door at close range, yet still exert sufficient energy to destroy a door handle. Although this ammo is designed for safer performance while you are firing at a door at close-range, it is still capable of inflicting severe and life-threatening injuries. Please treat this ammo with the same caution you would reserve for any other 12 Gauge shotshell!
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