12 Gauge 2-3/4" - 4.8 Gram Frangible Breaching Slug - Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Special Purpose - 25 Rounds

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Details These specialty rounds from Fiocchi are great for busting padlocks, door hinges, and deadbolts without inadvertently creating collateral damage and casualties. While these rounds are normally only used by military and law enforcement personnel, it is still a great idea for a private citizen to own some of these rounds in case of an emergency where rapid exit of the home through a damaged lock could be vital. The frangible slug is constructed from powdered metal which hits hard but breaks up on impact with tough metal surfaces like locks and doorknob assemblies. Conventional rounds like lead slugs or buckshot may be use to the same effect but have the potential to travel or ricochet and unintentionally cause injury to anyone around. These specialty rounds prevent splash back or over-penetration While these rounds are categorized as "less-than-lethal" they can most certainly be deadly if intentionally used against a person and so should be handled with care just as all ammunition. It is recommended that a shooter research the proper employment of breaching rounds and keep all shots at a downward angle. Fiocchi is an Italian company that shares a neighborhood with many of the largest and most successful ammunition and firearm manufacturers. They use their experience in the industry as well as their relationship with competition shooters and military organizations to offer a wide range of ammunition with various uses.
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