12 Gauge - 2-3/4" 9 Pellets 00 Buck - Barnes Defense Buckshot - 5 Rounds

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Barnes is most famous for revolutionizing the solid copper hunting bullet, but the Utahan manufacturer surely knows their way around a 12 Gauge shotshell as well. The name of their Defense Buckshot series shotgun ammunition says it all. This round puts the hurt on anyone who mistakenly set out to put the hurt on you! This is a powerful shell, yet still correctly sized for any 12 Gauge shotgun’s chamber at 2-3/4” in length. It is loaded with nine pellets of 00 buck, which places its total shot column weight at approximately 484 grains (~1.10 ounces). This is hardly a low-recoil shell, as its 1,325 fps muzzle velocity is poised to buck your shoulder but good. But that kick certainly pays off, because this round’s shot column screams out of the barrel with a collective muzzle energy of 1,887 ft lbs. That’s about six to eight times the energy recommended for personal protection, spread across nine separate wound channels for maximum takedown efficacy. Barnes’ Defense Buckshot ammunition is loaded with strong and smooth-feeding hulls, clean-burning powder, and primers you can depend on when the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher. This ammo is certainly potent enough to cycle your semi-auto shotguns!
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