12 Gauge - 3" 1 oz. Rifled Slug - Winchester Super-X Magnum - 15 Rounds

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Existing in its modern form since the 1870's, the 12 gauge has been around longer than most rounds we still use today and is still the most popular shotgun gauge in the United States. With its massive power and sound, no other shotgun gauge beats the 12 gauge in fear factor and efficacy while maintaining wieldability. With over a century and a half of experience manufacturing ammunition, Winchester knows exactly what they are doing. These Super-X Magnum shells feature some of Winchester's best components and offer the extra power that is so nice to have with slugs. Great for self defense and big game hunting, these 3", one ounce, rifled slugs are just what you need stop intruders or bring down the biggest buck of your life.
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