12 Gauge - 3-1/2" 2 oz. #4 Shot - Remington Premier HV Magnum Turkey - 10 Rounds

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Details The 12 gauge shotgun is one of the most amazing firearms in existence. Whether it is being used for hunting, home defense, sport shooting, in the military, or by law enforcement, it delivers the incredible impact, massive payload, and phenomenal power with a manageable recoil that only the 12 gauge can provide. No matter what your plans are for this fantastic, close range firearm, the 12 gauge will perform without a hitch. For two hundred years, Remington has been making firearms and ammunition for the American people, making them the oldest guns and ammo manufacturer in the country and one of the most respected around the world. These high velocity magnum turkey, 3 1/2", two ounce, #4 shot, Remington Premier shells fire at 1300 feet per second with a massive payload, guaranteeing your success when hunting this elusive but delicious bird.
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