17 HMR, 17 Grain V-MAX, Hornady, 500 Rounds

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This 17 HMR cartridge by Hornady needs only your rifle and your aim to flip a rodent into the stratosphere. Its select brass casing’s geometry has intensely uniform dimensions, and the propellant it contains creates an exceedingly fast muzzle velocity of 2,550 fps. Its resultant flat trajectory and enormous impact energy complement the performance of its 17 grain projectile -- a V-MAX, which is optimized in every way for varmint hunting. The V-MAX is inherently accurate, as its jacket exhibits the remarkable concentricity for which Hornady is so renowned. On top of that, its profile has been enhanced to raise its ballistic coefficient, and the hard polymer spike that forms its meplat is as symmetrical as can be. The V-MAX’s polymer tip extends downward into a meticulously formed well in its swaged lead core. Because the tip also sits upon the jacket’s rim it is able to generate fantastic energy upon impact, which it uses to violently disrupt core and jacket alike. That equates to the kind of eruptive terminal performance which stops prairie dogs and their like-sized ilk dead in their tracks.
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