17 Mach 2 (HM2) - 15.5 Grain NTX - Hornady Varmint Express - 500 Rounds

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Maybe you’re going hunting where lead bullets aren’t welcome. Maybe the only impact you want to have on a landscape is the deletion of its varmints – not the toxification of its soil. In either event, you don’t have to sacrifice nail-pounding accuracy and ultra-explosive terminal performance. Just bank on the NTX! This 17 Mach 2 cartridge from Hornady’s Varmint Express label is equipped with its manufacturer’s 15.5 grain NTX bullet. The NTX is very much like Hornady’s other varmint hunting bullet the V-MAX, but it substitutes frangible copper alloy for lead in its core. The NTX ends in a sharp polymer tip, which alongside its balanced AMP jacket streamlines it to maintain a level trajectory far downrange. When the NTX connects with something unfortunate, its tip swiftly wedges inward until it connects with the frangible core, causing absolute eruption of the core and jacket. This kills the varmint. Hornady sets their NTX in a select brass case, and completes it with a responsive rimfire primer and clean burning propellant. Each Varmint Express cartridge is hand inspected to ensure its uniform quality before it’s boxed up and sent out to a good hunter like you.
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