17 Mach 2 (HM2) - 17 Grain V-Max - Hornady - 500 Rounds

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Details This 500 round buck case is a wonderful opportunity to get your hands on some premium, hard-to-find varmint hunting ammo! These .17 Mach 2 rounds were developed specifically by Hornady to outperform the venerable .22 LR and their own .17 HMR in terms of accuracy, range, and terminal ballistics. Each cartridge is built from a rimfire casing equipped with a clean-burning primer mixture, filled with a high energy propellant, and topped with a 17 grain V-MAX projectile. The V-MAX projectile is constructed with a swaged lead core of consistent density encapsulated by a jacket of uniform wall thickness. The bullet resists drag and yields excellent precision due to a boat tail rear and a polymer tip which guards its hollow cavity. Upon impact, the red tip is driven back into the cavity in order to initiate massive, controlled expansion. This guarantees devastating energy transfer into a target for humanely taking squirrels, rabbits, armadillos, and other small game. The V-MAX design also guards lead from hot gases and keeps your favorite rimfire rifle clean and functional for a longer amount of time. Hornady is a well known American ammunition company which has been around since 1949. Their exploits into premium components and high performance products have led to the design of unique projectiles aimed at law enforcement, competition, and hunting of all kinds. Hornady's innovative bullets and powders are so effective that they are often used by other ammunition companies for their finished loads.
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