20 Gauge - 2-3/4" 7/8oz. #7.5 Shot - Stars and Stripes - 250 Rounds

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Don’t let your 12 Gauge shotgun have all the fun at the trap range! Your old 20 Gauge deserves to get in on that action as well. Stars and Stripes shotgun shells come all the way from Italy so you can pour an endless barrage of lead shot into flying targets before gravity can finish the job. This shell is loaded with #7.5 lead shot – an old standby at trap and sporting clays ranges thanks to its pattern which remains dense and effective over a few dozen yards. Each shell has the maximum permissible amount of shot for competitive target shooting, so no one will be able to throw the rule book at you. Stars and Stripes’ lead shot is cast hard enough to ward off deformation, as well as round to ensure greater pattern density. These economical range shells are loaded with hearty yellow plastic tubes to keep bending or pinching from putting your shotgun in a jam. The Italian-made shells’ primers and hulls are both optimized to decrease fouling, and once spent will leave you with a reloadable hull.
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