20 Gauge - 2-3/4" 7/8oz. #8 Shot - Winchester Super Target - 100 Rounds

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Think we can’t do math here at Lucky Gunner? How wrong you are! Take this value pack of Winchester Super Target 20 Gauge shotshells, for example. That’s 100 shells that are perfect for trap, sporting clays, and skeet. So, if one round is 25 shots that means … hold on a second, here ... carry the three … divide by X … apply Euler's polyhedral formula … well, let’s just say this one box will let you shoot a lot of targets! This shotshell contains a 20 gauge target load’s conventional 7/8 ounce column of shot. Its #8 shot pellets create a dense cluster of clay-smashing force far downrange, and Winchester’s especially hard lead ensures the kind of accuracy that provides a real competitive advantage. This shell’s hinged wad not only further improves its shot’s accuracy, but also collapses during ignition to spare you from quite so much recoil. Perfect if you want to keep your aim intact for an immediate follow-up. Winchester’s clean burning propellant and primer will make sure your shotgun remains perfectly functional over the course of several rounds. This shell’s hull and head ought to help any shotgun extract reliably between shots, and can even be reloaded many times!
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