20 Gauge - 3" 1 1/4 oz. #6 Lead Shot - Browning BXD - 25 Rounds

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Details Browning BXD shotshells are a great choice for your next day out in the field. These 20 gauge shells measure 3" long and carry a 1-1/4oz. payload of #6 lead shot. You can expect to see around 1,250 feet per second at the muzzle with these shells. Browning's BXD line (Browning Extra Distance) features nickel-plated lead shot that is designed to maintain its uniformity. This results in velocity retention which translates into better downrange energy transfer and tighter groups. These BXD shells are perfect for hunting upland game where lead shot is permitted. Browning has been producing high quality firearms since 1878, and ammunition as of 2016. Browning ammo is made possible due to a partnership with Winchester, who is responsible for R&D and manufacturing the ammo in their Alton, Illinois facility. Browning's lineup includes shotshells, centerfire and rimfire products that are all tailored for specific shooting applications. Pick up a couple boxes of this premium 20 gauge ammunition before your next day out in the field!
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