20 Gauge - 3" 1-1/4oz. #6 Shot - Winchester Long Beard XR - 10 Rounds

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You can hunt turkey with regular old shotgun ammo, but most gobbler stalkers prefer something a little more sophisticated for the job. Winchester’s Long Beard XR line of ammo offers some genuine performance-enhancing features that’ll help you out when Tom T. finally presents himself! This 20 Gauge shell is long at three inches, so it gets to accommodate 1-1/4 ounces of #6 shot. The shot is copper plated, which protects it against against the kind of deformation that leads to a loose, ineffective pattern downrange. The shot is more interestingly suspended in clear resin which disintegrates on impact. This is Winchester’s own Shot-Lok technology, which effectively buffers the shot to guarantee its sphericity upon leaving the barrel. That helps the shot retain velocity so it can penetrate up to 10 percent deeper at 50 yards. Shot-Lok also helps put twice as many pellets in a 10 inch circle at a range of 60 yards! This Long Beard XR shotshell also features a wad that quickly opens up following muzzle ejection to promote an even more accurate pattern, as well as Winchester’s own reliable hull, primer and powder. All you’ll need now is stuffing!
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