20rds - .410 / .45 Defender Winchester Supreme Elite 2 1/2" PDX1 Combo Self Defense

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Intended for revolvers that fire .410 shotshells like the Taurus Judge or Smith & Wesson governor, this defensive ammo combo pack from Winchester’s Defender line is exactly what you need to load your revolver for self-defense. The included .45 Colt ammunition is Winchester’s Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 ammo; this bullet design is used by the FBI as their primary service round. It uses a 225 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet in a reloadable, boxer-primed brass case. The bullet uses jacket notches to guide expansion on impact. The .410 shotshells are Winchester’s Supreme Elite PDX1 2-1/2” shotshell that combines Winchester’s plated Defense Disc projectiles with 12 pellets of plated BB shot. This load works to give the shotshell a wide enough spread to compensate for aiming errors while still providing high penetration and lethality.
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