.22 Long Rifle - 40 Grain Copper Plated Segmented Hollow Point Subsonic- CCI Quik-Shok- 500 Rounds

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This subsonic Quik-Shok .22LR cartridge from CCI is intended for use hunting small game or varmints, but it makes a great plinking round as well! This round carries a 40 grain segmented hollow point bullet designed to split into three separate fragments on impact. Each fragment creates its own wound channel, ensuring a clean and humane kill. Copper plating keeps your firearm cleaner and prevents each segment from fragmenting further, maximizing the usable meat you bring home from your hunt. Subsonic rounds use heavier bullets to avoid breaking the sound barrier; this lower speed avoids creating a sonic boom and significantly reduces the sound of the firearm, especially when combined with a suppressor. Ear protection should still be used when firing subsonic rounds. CCI was founded in 1951 by Richard Speer. The company originally specialized in providing primers to reloaders, a business they maintain today along with the sale of market-leading rimfire ammunition.
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