22 LR - 32 Grain CPHP - CCI Stinger - 500 Rounds

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Details CCI Stingers are well-regarded .22 LR rounds that deliver high velocity, consistent dependability, and strong terminal performance against on small game. CCI, an Idaho-based company, is best known for their primers which are trusted by reloaders as well as big brands like Federal and Speer. As such, their rimfire primer mixtures are non-corrosive and highly sensitive to differing styles of firing pins. Each of these .22 Long Rifle rounds sports a 32-grain hollow point projectile that is plated with copper (CPHP). The light weight enables the bullet to travel at a high velocity which promotes fragmentation and deadly effect on squirrels, rabbits, and snapping turtles. During entry, the projectile's hollow cavity promotes wide expansion which allows the bullet to transfer its energy to a target's vitals resulting in a clean drop. The copper plating not only reduces lead fouling but resists deformation for greater accuracy.
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