22 LR - 36 gr CPHP - Federal Champion - 5250 Rounds

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Details Federal Champion .22 Long Rifle ammunition is an ideal choice for the high-volume shooter looking to stock up on quality rimfire ammunition. This bulk pack contains ten, 525-round bricks, making for an inexpensive day at the range plinking or target shooting and is an effective varmint hunting round. Each round contains a 36-grain, copper-plated hollow point projectile loaded into a rimfire primed brass casing that is non-corrosive. These high velocity rounds are capable of a muzzle velocity of 1260 FPS and offer performance and reliability for your favorite .22. Federal, based in Anoka, Minnesota, has become one of the world’s premier ammunition manufacturers. For nearly 100 years, Federal continues to produce high quality, American-made ammunition for a wide variety of applications: whether it be hunting, target shooting or self-defense, Federal continues to forge a reputation of reliability and performance.
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