22 LR - 36 Grain CPHP - Browning - 400 Rounds

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Pow! Down goes the red squirrel. Pow! Goodbye Mister Crow. Pow! That raccoon who’s been eyeballing your trash cans? A raccoon no more. Pow pow pow! There go those three empty cans that have been bothering you. And you’ve still got 394 rounds left, because you had the foresight to order this big box of 22 LR by Browning! This cartridge features the target shooter and varmint hunter’s best friend: the copper plated hollow point projectile. Its protective exterior plating helps to keep a firearm’s barrel from fouling up too quickly, and its nose cavity delivers that expanding terminal performance which anchors varmints so quickly. Its lighter weight gives the CPHP bullet a 1,280 fps muzzle velocity when fired out of a rifle’s barrel, and it does indeed have enough pep to cycle a semi-automatic pistol or rifle. Browning’s 22 LR doesn’t just feature uniform brass cases, non-corrosive rimfire primers and clean-burning propellant. It is also made in America! Please order four boxes if you want the whole case.
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