22 LR - 36 Grain CPHP - CCI Mini-Mag MeatEater - 3000 Rounds

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Tired of going to the store every time you want to enjoy a little target practice or go varmint hunting? The solution is simple: Order in bulk! This massive 3,000-round brick of 22 LR ammo by CCI of Idaho is just as good for honing your aim as it is dispatching wily rodents. This special MeatEater edition Mini-Mag cartridge features a 36 grain bullet. It’s light enough for its clean-burning propellant charge to send it out of the muzzle at 1,260 fps, which means it should still retain a four-digit velocity at 100 yards. You don’t need to be a master ballistician to appreciate such a fast-flying bullet’s flat trajectory in action! The CPHP bullet’s copper plating is yet another accuracy-enhancing feature. Copper prevents some lead from depositing itself on a barrel’s grooves and lands, thus maintaining their ability to stabilize the projectile. The bullet’s nose cavity, on the other hand, makes its performance more disastrous to varmints by enabling terminal expansion. CCI gives their Mini-Mag loads the straight-walled brass cases, responsive rimfire primers and low-fouling powder they need to deliver the consistent performance you want for target shooting, plinking or hunting. This ammo generates adequate chamber pressure to cycle semi-auto pistols and rifles as well!
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