22 LR - 36 Grain CPHP - Federal Champion - 3250 Rounds

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Did you come here looking for a 50-round box of 22 LR ammunition? Ha ha ha! Oh wait. You’re serious? Let us laugh even harder. Ha ha ha! It’s time to raise your expectations for the amount of 22 LR you should order. We’re dealing in 3,250-round cases over here at Lucky Gunner! This is Federal Premium's general purpose range training, target shooting, plinking and varmint hunting ammo, right here. Each round’s bullet weighs 36 grains instead of the usual 40. It’s a difference of only 0.009 ounces, but that little weight reduction is enough to give the bullet a clapping fast muzzle velocity out of a rifle’s barrel. That equates to a very flat trajectory, which makes aiming just a little more easy. The copper-plated hollow point bullet has two interesting features. In addition to making it look prettier, the CPHP’s copper plating does help to slow the rate of barrel fouling. It’s still going to foul a barrel, but your firearm’s accuracy will hold out just a little bit longer in between cleanings. The CPHP’s nose cavity is the reason why it will expand after it sinks into small game. If you’re shooting rodents or crows or other critters, this round’s bullet is going to deal a bit more damage than a lead round nose could have. Made in Minnesota – the fried walleye capital of the world.
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