22 LR - 36 Grain CPHP - Winchester USA Game & Target - 5000 Rounds

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This USA Game & Target 22 LR ammunition by Winchester is priced to let you unleash a virtually relentless torrent of lead wherever you see fit -- provided it is at game or targets, of course. Each cartridge features a lightweight 36 grain projectile, and accordingly its boosted muzzle velocity produces the flat trajectory which expert marksmanship demands. The copper plated bullet won’t quickly foul up your firearm’s bore, preserving its accuracy for longer between cleanings. The hollow point bullet will prove itself especially lethal to rodential and avian targets -- it will begin to widen shortly after the moment of impact to create a wider wound cavity. These rounds’ brass casings are made by Winchester to slip in and out of a firearm’s chamber without pause, and their responsive rimfire primers will cycle any semi-automatic correctly. Consistent, clean burning propellant charges provide a stable muzzle velocity without needlessly fouling up your weapon. And with so massive a brick of these rounds, your 22 needs ought to be all taken care of for a long, long time!
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