22 LR - 38 Grain CPHP - Aguila Super Extra - 2000 Rounds

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Everyone wants to stock up on the bigger centerfire cartridges when they’re prepping for an emergency. But let us ask you something: If world events ever truly go foul – and you decide to supplement your diet with a few choice varmints – wouldn’t you really rather have a case of 22 LR for the job? Of course, this Super Extra label 22 LR ammo by Aguila is good for much more than prepping. This ammo will drop varmints dead on the best of days, and it’s a great friend to have for target shooting and plinking as well! This round is loaded with a 38 grain copper plated hollow point bullet. A little bit of weight reduction coupled with a powerful propellant charge gives the CPHP bullet a rifle barrel muzzle velocity of 1,280 fps. That’s going to give a semi-auto rifle or a pistol enough juice to fully cycle, and it’s also going to treat you to a flat, accurate trajectory. The CPHP’s copper plating serves to reduce the amount of lead residue that accumulates in your barrel during target practice – key for preserving a firearm’s accuracy. And the CPHP doesn’t rely on raw power alone to drop small game fast. As a hollow point it expands outward while penetrating soft tissue to produce a lethal wound cavity. Aguila loads their famous 22 LR ammo with clean-burning powder, non-corrosive rimfire primers and highly consistent brass cases.
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