22 LR - 38 Grain LHP - Remington 22 Subsonic - 5000 Rounds

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The cacophonous report of the 22 LR can be a little startling until you get used to it. We normally recommend that you wear both foamies and earmuffs when you fire so thunderous a caliber -- unless you’re shooting Remington’s 22 Subsonic line of ammunition, that is. This round’s 1,050 fps muzzle velocity can’t break the sound barrier, so it’s exceptionally quiet, and even more so if your firearm is outfitted with a silencer. (Or a suppressor depending on what side of that particular debate you’re on.) This round features a 38 grain projectile, a lead hollow point in fact. That deals exaggerated damage against squirrels and their pesky woodland friends. If you live in a neighborhood where loud gun shots aren’t highly valued, such as any neighborhood, that makes this round an awesome way to conduct pest control. Remington’s brass casing is precision drawn and behaves itself in any kind of firearm, and their primer and propellant ensure reliable cycling in a semi-automatic even with the lesser muzzle velocity they produce.
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