22 LR - 38 Grain LRN - Blazer - 200 Rounds

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Remember how your school lunch used to come with a little carton full of milk? And the extreme dissatisfaction you would feel if you accidentally opened that carton the wrong way? And the angry look on your fourth grade teacher’s face when she discovered that you filled her purse with dirt you smuggled in from the schoolyard? Okay, maybe that last thing is more from our own personal school experience, but at least you remember the milk carton. Well, now’s your chance to open a carton that’s filled with something even better than milk: American-made 22 LR ammunition by Blazer. This is a true plinker’s cartridge, with a 38 grain lead round nose bullet. The simple projectile lacks any copper which could have jacked up its manufacturing cost, and its light weight and peppy propellant charge grant it a 1,235 fps muzzle velocity out of a rifle barrel. A 0.128 G1 ballistic coefficient keeps the bullet’s velocity supersonic until 35 yards and above 1,000 fps until 96 yards. At 100 yards the bullet retains 84 ft lbs of energy – plenty to kill a varmint with, even if the LRN cannot expand. Blazer expressly designs this 22 LR ammo to function in semi-automatic firearms, although it should prove just as reliable in manual action rifles and revolvers as well. Blazer’s rimfire primers are made by CCI – one of the very best in the rimfire primer business – which alongside its consistent brass cases provides highly reliable functionality. Order your 200-round carton today!
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