22 LR - 38 Grain LRN - Blazer - 5250 Rounds

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With 5,250 22 LR cartridges at your beck and call, you’ll be all ready to change the world around you. Entire swaths of forest will have to be mown down to make targets for you, and squirrels will become an animal that exists only in human memory. It’s not just these rounds’ quantity that makes them a great investment, though. Because they’re made by Blazer they’ll keep your rifle or pistol nice and happy, too! This round features a 38 grain projectile, which is a touch lighter than what its caliber most often calls for. Accordingly the cartridge produces a fast muzzle velocity, which will help you to hit small and distant targets with precision. The lead round nose bullet provides a lot of advantages, the chief among them being its material’s cost -- don’t start investing in lead, folks. Furthermore, lead’s ability to expand slightly within small game will leave more meat for you to enjoy at dinner. Just remember to take the bullet out before you tuck in, or else you’ll wind up investing in dental work. Blazer ammunition is made by CCI. This round’s sensitive rimfire primer will not corrode, so you don’t have to fret about finding several thousand things to shoot right away, and its brass casing will resist corrosion as well.
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