22 LR - 40 Grain CPHP - Winchester Wildcat - 100 Rounds

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From what we’ve seen, about one-third of high school sports teams are named “Wildcats.” This isn’t nearly enough, but fortunately Winchester is picking up the slack by naming a whole line of 22 LR ammo “Wildcat” as well. Like the animal it is named after, this little rimfire round is vicious. Its 40 grain bullet is poised to exit the muzzle at 1,300 fps – over 150 fps faster than the speed of sound – so it’s due to remain supersonic until it reaches 60 yards. At 100 yards the bullet retains nearly 100 ft lbs of energy, which is still enough to strike any varmint off of the map. This round’s copper plated hollow point bullet suits it even better for hunting. Its non-ferrous coating helps the CPHP to avert rapid barrel fouling and preserve accuracy, and its narrow nose cavity triggers positive expansion inside game. CPHP bullets are fine and dandy for target practice, too! Winchester expressly designed this ammo for semi-automatic use, so expect it to fully cycle any magazine-fed pistol or rifle.
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