22 LR - 40 Grain CPHP - Winchester Wildcat - 5000 Rounds

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You don’t want to be prepared for just a few squirrels here and there. You want to be ready for an onslaught of squirrels of positively Old Testament proportions, thousands upon thousands of the chittering buggers descending upon your lawn like locusts. For that (very unlikely) doomsday scenario, you need this absolute unit of 22 LR cartridges from Winchester’s Wildcat line of ammunition! Each of these rounds features a 40 grain DynaPoint projectile: a copper plated hollow point that at once prevents lead fouling from slashing your pistol’s or rifle’s accuracy and delivers devastatingly rapid expansion within a soft, small target. (See: squirrel) The DynaPoint is by no means the most expensive bullet that you’ll ever fire, so although its terminal effect is rather pronounced you’ll still find it a marvelous option for shooting inanimate targets as well. Winchester’s snappy rimfire primers and clean burning propellant both see to it that you’ll get reliable ballistic performance as well as cycling out of a semi-automatic. These rounds’ awesome price tag doesn’t denote any flaw in their brass casings, either!
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