22 LR - 40 Grain CPRN - Aguila - 2000 Rounds

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Let the good times roll. When you’ve got a couple thousand rounds of 22 LR ammunition, the world is your oyster. And this isn’t just any couple thousand rounds of 22 LR ammo. This is Aguila’s fine 22 LR ammo, made with love in Mexico and favored by American sportsmen for plinking and target shooting alike! This cartridge’s bullet has the most normal weight it can, as far as 22 LR is concerned. The 40 grain chunk of metal flies out of a rifle’s barrel at a rate of 1,255 fps, and ought to stay supersonic until 52 yards (give or take). The bullet is almost entirely made of lead with the exception of its copper-plated exterior – a feature which hardens the bullet somewhat to help promote sure feeding in a semi-auto, and which also serves to slow down the rate of barrel fouling. A round nose profile bullet won’t hurt its target with terminal expansion. It still boasts adequate terminal ballistics for very small game, however, so please feel at liberty to fire this ammo at whichever nuisance critters are unfortunate enough to occupy your enemies list. High-quality brass cases, noncorrosive primers, and fast shipping thanks to your friends at Lucky Gunner!
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